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Langley Castle
04 December 2011

Langley Castle is a wonderful venue and I have worked there many times over the years.

Langley castle wedding photos brides dress
 Langley castle wedding photos bride getting ready
Langley castle wedding photos flower girl

The pageboys are chilled and have such lovely blue eyes. Sometimes when children know they are being photographed and their parents ask them to 'pose' they can have such a mixture of expressions on their face all at the same time.

Langley castle wedding photos pageboys

Coming down the stairs at Langley in a fabulous dress.

langley castle wedding photos bride and bridesmaid

The bride going into the ceremony room and then outside for chocolate covered strawberries, a favourite with the boys.

Langley Castle wedding photos

Langley often put out the red carpet. The pageboy is doing his best at 'posing' very smartly with his Mum looking on. There is a lovely zig zag to this photo as your eye travels through all the faces.

Langley castle wedding photos candid natural photo
Langley castle wedding photos bride

A quiet moment. Nothing posed or set up.

Langley castle wedding photos bride and groom

Nice to make use of the dramatic backdrop for a group photo and lovely summer light. I don't interfere with group photos so in this one it's natural that the pageboy has his arm round his Mum so it tells it's own story.

Langley castle wedding photos group photo
Langley castle wedding photo bride

I really like the fact that I didn't add the flowers to the suit of armour. The pink theme really softened the Castle and gives it a unique look.

Langley castle wedding photos


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